Founded in 1982 by Hans Khandelwal, Union Gems is a fine-make diamond specialist. Since our inception, we have partnered with our clients, jewelry manufacturers and fine jewelers.  Our focus has been and remains the success of our clients. 


For more than 20 years, Union Gems has become a trend-setter. When dealers primarily sold rounds, Union brought princess and other fancy shapes to the market.  In the mid-90s, we were early adopters of independent grading reports.  In the early & mid-2000s, we continued to refine our products and began featuring Hearts & Arrows and EX/EX makes.


As we have grown, we have stayed true to our roots:

  • Quality Products at Exceptional Prices– Our goal is to eliminate guess work from the buying process.  We aspire to deliver beautiful diamonds with honest grades at the best price.

  • Custom-Tailored Solutions – We take the time to understand and support all facets of your business from marketing & sales promotions to your return policy.  We consider our clients partners.

  • Work Transparently - We work in an honest and straightforward fashion, and we operate within the spirit of the law.  We trust and respect our clients, and treat them like family.  Further, we focus on consisting generating value our customers.

In addition, we are members of the American Gem Society and Jewelers Board of Trade.